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Fall check-in/Calm Core

What happened to summer?  It’s long over, but I just am not ready to settle into winter.  Thanks for fall.  The colors this year were epic.  A perfectly timed trip to Telluride and a ride on the Gondola sealed the beauty in my mind.  This is a great time for creation.  Take one little ritualistic change.  With the time change I get up earlier to center my breath and mind.  No matter what I know there is a calm core there.  Practicing yoga reminds us of that calm core, no matter how deep it lies beneath the layers of leaves and distractions.  Pick one pose, or one class, or one affirmation, and do it consistently.  You will feel that soothing change.  A change for the better.  Now take a few deep breaths, there is your calm core.  Gratitude. Namaste

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