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The Guru lives on

August 22, 14

Mr. Iyengar died this week in India.  I am sure he is being mourned throughout the world.  I have unending gratitude for him.  As a young and sickly boy (much like Pilates), he sought strength and vitality.  Throughout his life of research and study he made profound discoveries.  His own experience was his teacher and his teachings are now timeless.

After becoming a certified yoga therapist, I am continually awe-struck by the power of yoga.  Its ancient practices can relieve our suffering, whatever they may be.

As a student of Iyengar Yoga I teach with his tools most of the time.  These are the tools of asana (postures and props), pranayama (breathing), philosophy, and much more.  While I incorporate all that I can from my varied education and experience, it is Iyengar Yoga (in its many forms) that I move from and label with.

Although I have lost my chance to meet the great guru, Mr. Iyengar’s teachings will live on through all of the yoga teachers that have been touched by his influence.  I will continue to study his lessons and techniques.  His contribution to Yoga Therapy has enlightened me and I cherish every chance that I get to share what I have learned.

Great gratitude for the guru that brought yoga to the west.  Om mane padme hum.

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