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Goodbye 2014 Hello Newness!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Reflections on the year.  Or shall I say, goals for the new year?  It’s all the same thing, really.  We can try to do better each day, and each year.  My goal for the new year is to serve.  In service we nurture gratitude.  Then it all comes back to us in troves.  I am tired of my old thoughts, “I will never have enough”, ” I will never get rid of all my clutter.”  There’s more.  Lots of excuses and even more distractions.  All I know is how great I feel after a yoga or pilates class, or a therapy session in Durango or Cortez, or at someone’s home.  Whether giving or receiving, I float away.  How to harvest that lightness daily?  It begins with the seed thought.  First notice the negative thought, “I will never have enough”, then reverse it, “I have all that I need”.  Or go for gold: “All that I desire is coming to me”.  This month I focused on giving.  Next month I focus on serving.  First I serve myself (with rest and good eating) so that I may be strong and able to serve others.  Then I keep the spirit of giving and deepen it and broaden it.  I put in more heart, and attach myself less to the outcome.  My hope is that I will feel lighter, whether the bills get paid and the house gets clean or not.  Then, perhaps, the seed is planted for me to make the active changes that I need to make to stick to my budget and re-organize my closets and corners.  I do have to keep feeding the positive thoughts each time I catch a negative one.  Where we put our attention there goes our awareness.  So whether the clutter goes or stays, perhaps it will matter less for the day.  At least I am putting in my cheerful effort to feel good in mind and body.

So for reflections on the past year, I am full of gratitude for health, wealth, family and friends.  I am humbled on all fronts.  I feel deeply for those that suffer is so many different ways.  All I can think about is the excitement of the coming year.  If life gets any better, I just may explode.  Thanks for reading.  Please share your thoughts in a comment or an email.  Find me for a class so that I may serve you.  I am brimming over.  Happy New Year!

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